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Water Damage and Mold Removal Ardmore

If your ceiling begins leaking during the midst of a heavy storm, you can call the water damage Ardmore specialists at 911 Restoration of Philadelphia, and they will arrive at your home within 45 minutes, equipped with everything needed to begin reconstructive work.

Water and Mold Cleanup JobIn order to assist you around the clock, our mold removal Ardmore office stays available 24/7/365 to help you at even the most inopportune times, such as the middle of the night on a holiday.

Keeping you safe under dire circumstances is something our water damage Ardmore pros take very seriously, so we offer same day service for all water-related emergencies.

You can rely on our mold removal Ardmore crew to make the restoration process as easy as possible, so call us and we will get you set up for a free home inspection.

We Will Mitigate All Mold Damage After A Water Invasion 

With so many years of experience in the field, our water damage Ardmore unit knows that the longer your home is wet, the more likely mold spores will blossom.

After water has affected your household, our mold removal Ardmore operation will get your property dry as quickly as possible in order to prevent the mold from growing, by conducting procedures such as:

  • Flooding On First FloorOpening the windows to lower the humidity inside the home.
  • Using high powered air movers to remove moisture, while installing vapor barriers to keep mold spores from spreading.
  • Remove all wet items from the area, including furniture, carpets, toys, etc.
  • Get rid of any moldy carpeting. It is practically impossible to remove mold from the carpet fibers, so it is safer to just discard of the material.
  • Replacing porous drywall as soon as it becomes soaked with water.
  • Remove the base boards and wall to a foot above the water mark to be sure that all contaminated wood and drywall has been replaced.
  • Check the inside of all the walls near the affected area for any hidden mold growth.

Call our water damage Ardmore workers the moment you find that your home has been affected by water and mold damage and we will go the extra mile to get your home completely sanitized.

Customer Service Is An Crucial Part Of Safe Mold Eradication

Keeping you safe throughout this entire ordeal is what we consider to be part of our customer service plan, because our mold removal Ardmore techs take your health and wellbeing seriously.

Water and Mold Damage VehicleOur water damage Ardmore experts knows how to safely handle mold and fungus, and always wear the proper gear when eradicating the substance from the home. 

We will use vacuums, air filters, air purifiers and vapor barriers to get every trace of fungus cleared from the property, along with wearing protective gloves, goggles and face masks.

Along with keeping you protected, our mold removal Ardmore professionals will also assist you with figuring out the other aspects of the job, including the finances.

Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover mold as part of their standard plan, which is why our water damage Ardmore team makes such an effort to offer affordably priced services to all of our customers. Call our mold removal Ardmore staff at 911 Restoration of Philadelphia and we will get you back on track to a fresh start today.

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