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Fire Damage Cleanup: 10 Things to Know Before Fire Damage Restoration

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Things to Know Before Fire Damage cleanupThings to Know a Fire Damage Restoration Company Comes to Restore Your Property

Experiencing a Fire Can be Stressful – Feel Your Feelings

Along with psychical damage, fire damage can cause emotional distress as well. Seeing your home getting burnt to the ground can be extremely stressful and traumatic. The first thing you need to do after fire damage is sit down with yourself and feel your feelings. Tell yourself that you are at the beginning of a long process. You might feel like you have lost everything, but tell yourself that it’s not true.

Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with feeling sad and scared after fire damage. Instead of fighting negative emotions, allow yourself to accept what has happened. You don’t have to make immediate decisions. Therefore, try to relax into your feelings and tell yourself that damage has been done, and now it’s the time to make an effort to fix things.

Understand that Fire Damage Cleanup Can Take Time

After fire damage, most people are anxious to immediately move back to their homes. Therefore, one of the most important things to know about fire damage restoration can take a couple of days up to six, seven months, and more.

Tell yourself that stress and worry will not speed up the fire damage cleanup process and will only make it worse. Fire damage cleanup involves resolving water damage, removing smoke particles and soot, clearing standing water, and replacing the damaged contents of the house.

Find a Safe Place Until Your House Gets Properly Cleaned Up

Fire damage restoration is an extremely detailed and thorough process. After calling the police, the home restoration company, and your insurance agent, the next call should be made to a hotel or the person’s house that you are planning to stay at.

Smoke, ash, and burned items can cause serious health conditions, making your house unsafe for you to stay at. Fire damage cleanup can take months if the fire is intense. In that case, you will have to rent an apartment or move in with your friend for some time.

Give a Call to Your Insurance Agent

Take Your Pets with You

Smoke is not only dangerous for human beings but dangerous for pets too. Make sure to comfort your pets and take them along while relocating to a new space. Leave them with a friend or family member when you revisit the property.

The burned debris released into the air during combustion is extremely harmful to the pets. Keep in mind that fire damage is not just stressful for you, but your pets too.

Your Safety is the Utmost Priority

The risk to your health doesn’t fade away even after the fire has been put out. Fire can also cause severe structural damage to your house. Therefore, avoid entering the property unless the home restoration company allows you to.

Understand that Fire Damages Occur Quickly

Even after the fire has been put out, the dangerous elements that make up a fire are still present in the house. Keep in mind that fire damages occur quickly, making the house unsafe for people to step into.

Just hours after a fire, soot residue settles in, causing permanent discoloration. Soot is extremely dangerous as it enters the body through inhalation and digestion and can result in asthma, coronary heart disease, and even cancer.

Therefore, make sure you exercise extreme caution while entering the property.

Call the Home Restoration Company that You Trust

Fire can spread quickly, and the aftermath of fire damage can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, it’s better that you stay with your friend and call a trusted home restoration company to clean and restore the property.

Fire damage restoration companies use advanced equipment and safe yet effective cleaning products to remove smoke, soot, and odors from the house. The home restoration company either discards items that are too damaged to try to repair and restore them. They work to ensure that the property is 100% safe for you to move back to. They reverse fire damage and also prevent water damage.

Fire Can Result in Water Damage

The last thing you want is damage initiating more damage. Often, the water used to put out the fire causes flooding in the property. The remnants of fire are challenging, but when water is left behind, various issues arise. From mold growth to unsound walls and damaged furniture, water can lead to a number of damages.

If not water damage, chemicals that firefighters use to put out the fire can leave a huge mess behind, which only experts can clean. If you don’t want to call a water damage restoration company separately, give a call to home restoration experts who deal with both fire and water damage.

Trust the Experts

Losing your home over a fire can be really stressful and pain-enduring. Dealing with fire damage can be emotionally exhausting. There will be times when you would want to take charge of the fire damage cleanup. However, you might not know, but doing that can cause more harm than good.

Home restoration companies have the experience and equipment to put out the fire and restore the property after the damage has been made.

Looking for a Fire Damage Restoration Company in Philadelphia?

Fire damage is not easy to deal with. If you are looking for a reliable company to restore your property, look no further than 911 Restoration of Philadelphia. The home remediation company provides comprehensive cleanup services to make your property safe for you and your pets. Want to get a free visual inspection? Call them now!

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